Saturday, March 23, 2013

WWF's Earth Hour Playbook for Business

To help businesses with Earth Hour, WWF Canada has put together a Playbook for Business. The official playbook includes all sorts of activities and events to run not only during Earth Hour, but beyond the hour too. There are a number of things that businesses can do in addition to participating in Earth Hour, promoting the event in the workplace, and encourage employees to participate in Earth Hour at home.

Business activities run the gamut from awareness raising trivia quizes to work programs and ongoing actions. Host a departmental energy trivia challenge and test your employees with energy-related facts and prizes. To check out the energy trivia from Living Planet click here.

Companies are invited to join WWF’s Living Planet @ Work program. It includes access to free online tools and ideas for implementing sustainability initiatives, plus background documents on sustainability in the workplace. To see WWF's Living Planet @ Work Program click here.

For those businesses that want more action on climate change there are contest and other bright ideas to get people involved and reduce company footprints. To see other bright business ideas that go beyond Earth Hour click here.

One of the best things that a business can do is hire a company to perform an energy audit at your workplace. This will help you determine areas of inefficiency and find opportunities for improvement. With the help of WWF and Living Planet @ Work resources, work with your office manager, landlord and other stakeholders to set energy reduction targets. Communicate these targets to all stakeholders and announce when milestones have been reached.

To see the Playbook for Business click here.

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