Thursday, April 18, 2013

Guides - Sustainable Events

The Sustainable Event Guide (SEG) was developed to help you find the resources and services to make your events as sustainable as possible. It is a document filled with guidance, resources, and simple advice about organizing an event that benefits the community, promotes ethical purchasing, and reduces waste. For some, this guide may simply act as an information resource about environmentally and socially responsible retailers and/or as a guide in reducing the waste produced at an event. For those who have never organized a big event, this guide may act as a framework for the "how to" of organizing. Regardless of past experience in event organizing, we suggest browsing through the entire guide - it may inspire new ideas or stir up old ones. 

We believe everyone can make a difference through the way they host academic, social, and fundraising events. Although this guide includes many Concordia University specific resources, there is plenty of information that event planners from other universities and organizations may find very useful as well.

PDF of the Sustainable Event Guide.
PDF Resource List for a Sustainable Event.

For information or inquiries, contact the SEG coordinator at

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