Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The UK is Depriving Children of a Climate Change Education

In the UK the government wants to remove climate change from geography lessons for students under 14 years of age. This move is highly controversial as climate change is a serious threat to societal well being in Britain. Environmental problems are only going to intensify going forward. The next generation is going to inherit a world that will demand educated people capable of understanding and addressing these threats.

Ignorance is the single greatest impediment to environmental action. Education plays a fundamental role in dispelling ignorance and improving the ways we interact with the environment.

Those under 14 are the leaders of tomorrow, depriving them of a solid education regarding the science of climate change is a handicap that the nation simply can't afford.  It is the older generation who created the problems we face and they are not only failing to act on climate change themselves, but they are seeking to deprive young people of the education they need to have a fighting chance of improving our world.

The old have failed and while they may be beginning to act, it will be left to the young to salvage hope for the future. It is therefore imperative that we keep climate change in the curriculum in order for young people to be given the tools they need to understand and engage this daunting challenge.

A petition is being circulated to tell UK environment minister Michael Gove not to eliminate climate change education for students under 14 years of age. To add your name to the 25,000+ that have already signed the petition click here.

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