Thursday, April 25, 2013

Video - Homage to Environmental Pioneer Rachel Carson

To celebrate Earth Day 2013 Open Road Media honored Rachel Carson. "Miss Carson, you are the lady who started all this." ­ said Senator Abraham Ribicoff, to Rachel Carson as she testified before congress in 1963 Indeed she did.  Carson's message that we must hold a sense of responsibility to the natural world speaks to us still, inspiring us all to greater awareness of our impact on the planet we inhabit. “I think Rachel Carson was one of the most important writers of our time,” says author and leading marine conservationist Richard Ellis. Carson dedicated her life to celebrating the natural world, whether it meant taking readers to the depths of the ocean with books such as The Sea Around Us or awakening the American public to the dangers of pesticides with Silent Spring. Her impact is felt to this day, and she is widely recognized as the mother of the environmental movement.

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