Friday, May 31, 2013

CSR Briefing Pack and Webinar

Here is an analysis of the latest reporting and communication trends in CSR from the Ethical Corporation. In addition to the briefing pack you will find a recording of a webinar detailing how the company of 2020 will operate in a resource constrained world. You will also find 10 pages of high quality CSR analysis and a free presentation from last year’s summit.

In the briefing pack and webinar you will find:

  • Two part reporting briefing analyzing the latest changes to GRI and IIRC and what they mean for how you write sustainability reports. 
  • 15 tips for making the business case for sustainability to your CEO Practical lessons from Sappi Fine Paper North America CSR report. 
  • What role government play in engaging the consumer on sustainability Business trends and opportunities 2013: An exclusive podcast with Daniel Franklin, The Economist 
  • How the company of 2020 will manage in a resource constrained world.
To access the complimentary briefing pack and webinar click here.

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