Thursday, May 30, 2013

Webinar - How the Company of 2020 Will Operate in a Resource-Constrained World

How the Company of 2020 Will Operate in a Resource-Constrained World is a complimentary, one hour, on demand webinar from the Ethical Corporation.

In this presentation you will find our about:

  • Twenty of the most valuable selected findings from the discussions.
  • Results to our industry polls and surveys ran during the webinar.
  • Key topics covered in the webinar:
  • How to transition to a new “green” business model.
  • How to drive behaviour change using the latest green technology and engage managers and front-line staff to deliver efficiency gains.
  • Frontline supply chain engagement, how to engage and incentivise your suppliers to deliver change where it yields the greatest impact.
  • How to encourage a more sustainable consumption model among consumers.
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