Friday, June 7, 2013

Ocean Frontiers the Movie

At a time when conservation is equated with job destruction and our nation is paralyzed by a code of no-compromise, a new film called Ocean Frontiers is returning common sense to these troubled times.

Ocean Frontiers takes a balanced, bipartisan approach to both the problems we face in managing our oceans and the solutions at hand. The film features on-the-ground reporting from places across the country that are at the forefront of implementing promising new approaches to ocean and coastal management.

Industrial shippers and whale biologists, pig farmers and wetland ecologists, sport and commercial fishermen, reef snorkelers and many more–are embarking on a new course of cooperation, in defense of the seas that sustain us.

Ocean Frontiers shows unlikely allies coming together and crafting solutions for the good of ecosystems and industry, while not sugarcoating the conflicts or the sometimes-difficult road to the end result. The film shows the groups as true partners in the process.


On July 19th 2010, President Obama established our nation’s first National Ocean Policy in order to protect, maintain and restore our ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes natural resources for present and future generations. The National Ocean Policy was formed through a multi-year process that included stakeholders from commercial and recreational fishing, shipping and ports, energy developers, conservationists, scientists, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Homeland Security and other ocean users with diverse interests.


The stories in Ocean Frontiers help audiences understand key principles of ecosystem-based management and coastal and marine spatial planning, which are the cornerstones of the National Ocean Policy. These complex concepts come to life and are easy to grasp through the stories and people featured in Ocean Frontiers.


A broad range of organizations, agencies, businesses, and ocean user groups are partnering to host screenings across the country to build support and take action for a new era in ocean stewardship. Find a screening where you live or host a screening.

Production of Ocean Frontiers was made possible by: The Keith Campbell Foundation for the Environment, National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, and The Lazar Foundation.

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