Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thank President Obama for His Bold Leadership on Climate Change

The climate leadership of President Obama warrents our thanks and our praise. The historic significance of his June 25, 2013 Georgetown University address cannot be overstated. Despite Republican obstructionism, the President has taken a bold step forward leading America and the world in the battle against climate change.

The Climate Reality Project is amongst those who are applauding President Obama's leadership in providing a plan to mitigate the major contributing factors to climate change. They have organized a campaign to Thank the President for putting America on the road to cutting carbon pollution.

As explained in a mailing from the Climate Reality Project's Victoria Simarano now is the time to show the President your support.

"Just as the global threat of terrorism united our country in the last decade, it is imperative that the American people rally behind the President in supporting these initiatives to dramatically reduce the 90 million tons of carbon pollution that is dumped into our atmosphere each day -- pollution that has already cost this nation hundreds of billions of dollars in direct costs to our businesses, our homes, and our way of life," said in an email.

Simarano joins many others in lauding the President's commitments to combating climate change. "The three main planks of President Obama's plan -- reducing carbon emissions, providing international leadership, and preparing the United States for climate-related disasters -- are critical steps forward domestically and abroad. The President's plan makes clear that a clean energy future, the performance of the American economy, and the protection of our planet are mutually reinforcing. Fortunately, the solutions and technology are already at our disposal, and the President's plan will create the enabling environment to bring these solutions to scale."

The President speech at Georgetown Univeristy showed unprecendented leadship, but to make good on his promises he will need the support of the American people and citizens all around the globe.

Inaction from Congress on climate change has forced the President to use his executive powers to engage bold action that reduces carbon emissions and helps our environment. Click here to show your support for the President's historic efforts.

You can also show your support for the President by sending him a letter of thanks. The Climate Reality Project has put together a letter to the President that reads as follows:
Dear President Obama,

Thank you for advancing your commitment to address carbon pollution. From Superstorm Sandy in the Northeast, to droughts and now flooding in the Midwest, to the massive wildfires ravaging the American West, the reality of climate change has never been more clear. Fueled by carbon pollution, these events are destroying our communities, transforming lives, and costing us billions of dollars each year. We are all paying the incredibly high cost of carbon pollution, while the oil and coal companies causing the pollution are making record profits. This has to change.

Your plan takes us in the direction we need to go to cut carbon pollution and protect public health, and I am honored to support it. Mr. President, let’s do this!
Click here to add your name to the Climate Reality letter and tell the President that you support his efforts to put America on the road to cutting carbon pollution.

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