Friday, June 21, 2013

The Aboriginal Sustainability Network (ASN)

The Aboriginal Sustainability Network (ASN), is an information sharing portal designed to advance sustainable development in aboriginal communities. It is currently comprised of a number of aboriginal communities including the Tsou of Taiwan, the Taroko of Taiwan, the Unama’ki Mi’kmaq of Canada, and the Ngāti Hauiti iwi of Auteaora/New Zealand. As explained on their website, "The project is investigating the potential of a workshop-based, Internet-supported network for the exchange of knowledge and strategies amongst communities working to develop environmental sustainability."

The ASN was founded in 2005 by Bill Hipwell at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

They have hosted a number of workshops on environmental stewardship. Through their website they also widely share information on sustainability.

Their web-site is intended as a virtual “community of practice”, a place where aboriginal communities can exchange knowledge and strategies for cultural survival and sustainable development.

Aboriginal (indigenous) nations from around the world are welcome to contact the project team to discuss joining the ASN.

For access to ASN resources click here.

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