Saturday, June 29, 2013

Video - Canadian High School Students Know more about Climate Change than Canada's Ruling Conservatives

Even high school students know that climate change has far reaching destructive impacts. In November 2012, less than a year before the historic floods in Alberta, a group of Grade 9 students addressed the issue of climate change and how it affects Canada and the world. Although the short video mentions natural cycles of global heating, it also makes the more accurate point that we are contributing to climate change and we all need to act. Canadian Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who hails from Alberta, can learn something from these students. Under Harper's leadership the federal government has withdrawn from the Kyoto protocol and enacted a number of policies that cut environmental funding and ultimately contribute to climate change. The Harper government has been a tireless advocate of Alberta's fossil fuel industry and the GHG intensive tarsands in particular. Many doubt the government will be able to meet its emissions targets due in large part to the expansion of dirty fossil fuels. The government of Canada is increasingly at odds with the rest of the world and Canadian public opinion on the issue of climate change.

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