Sunday, July 7, 2013

Event - Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development: Transformation Growth and the Green Economy

This event will take place on 18-19 Nov, 2013 at MBS, Singapore. The event is being organized by Global initiatives, Eco-Business, WBCSD, WWF International, TEEB Business Coalition. A total of 500+ regional business leaders, NGOs and policy-makers will be in attendance. Government support includes MEWR, NEA, and STB.

By 2050, the global population will hit 9 billion people and the increased demand for water, food and energy will exceed our current capacity to provide. This will be the defining challenge of the 21st century, but also its greatest economic opportunity.

Nothing short of a revolutionary approach to the way governments think and businesses operate is required to meet this global challenge. Business leaders and policymakers who do not embrace the transformation to a global, green economy will find themselves left behind in the new world order.

The Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development will bring together business leaders, NGOs and policy-makers from around Southeast Asia to discuss commitments and policy recommendations to increase sustainability across seven sectors - agriculture & forestry, palm oil, consumer goods, mining, financial services, building & urban infrastructure and energy.

The forum will discuss the transformational journey to the green economy and offer practical ways to accelerate business solutions and policy frameworks for a more sustainable world.

To see the list of speakers click here.  To see the full agenda click here. To register click here.

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