Sunday, July 7, 2013

Event - Sustainable Supply Chain Summit

The 8th Annual Sustainable Supply Chain Summit will take place on October 7-8, 2013 in London, UK. The summit will feature more than 30 expert speakers from the world’s leading brands in retail, apparel, food, cosmetics, electronics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals from the UK, all over Europe and North America Addressing the key issues that matter in 2013 - Successful internal and external engagement with buyers, middle management and top level decision makers; how to go beyond Tier 1 suppliers; introduce on-site factory training; reduce cost through applying resource efficiency programs in your supply chain and more Best practice from Unilever, IKEA, Sainsbury’s, AkzoNobel, Mitsubishi Electric, and BlackBerry.

This Summit offers a fully participatory experience: besides banning power-point, 70 percent of the event’s time is now devoted to round tables and working groups, to ensure YOU are at the centre of the debate and get your questions answered.

Ethical Corporation provides business intelligence for sustainability to more than 3,000 multinational companies every year. We publish the leading responsible business magazine, website, and research reports. Our conferences are widely recognised as the best in the field of corporate responsibility and sustainability. Ethical Corporation is part of FC Business Intelligence Ltd.

Click here to see the brochure which contains the Summit agenda and list of speakers.

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