Monday, July 22, 2013

Sustainable Supply Chain Transparency: Strategic Analysis and Best Practices

Download the Ethical Corporation's complimentary 10-page briefing that contains strategic analysis around key areas of sustainable supply chains.

In this document you will discover how to create a transparent supply chain that delivers results.

With wide-ranging perspectives from companies and NGOs across a variety of industries and countries this analysis will give you a great overview of best practice in supply chain transparency:

•Learn how high social and environmental standards can make a business case;
•Discover how to work with your competitors to improve your supply chain transparency;
•Get a understanding of the the real benefits to your business of achieving supply chain ‘clarity’
•This briefing features best practice insight and analysis from the likes of Nestle, Ericsson, Marshalls, H&M, Greenpeace, The Sustainable Apparel Coalition and many more.

Click here to access to briefing.

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