Saturday, July 13, 2013

Video - The Power of Storytelling: Lessons in Consumer Engagement

Humankind is impacted by stories and as such they are a powerful way of engaging people. Stories relate to myth which emanates from deep within our psyches. For millennia before the advent of modern science myth ruled the day. Even today we are forced to acknowledge that facts do not impact people as powerfully as a story. Simply put, myths engage us in ways that science never can. Myths run far deeper in the human psyche than does our science.

In this presentation, Free Range Studios CEO/co-founder Jonah Sachs explores the ideas behind his popular workshops on the power of storytelling to further consumer engagement, activation and loyalty. Stories are how we connect with the world and make sense of it; they are therefore a critical tool for bringing about a more sustainable world.

As explained by Sachs, "The stories we are telling are as important as what we are selling."

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