Friday, August 9, 2013

Guide - Solutions to Sustainable Living: A New Narrative

A new book offers guidance on how we can develop a low carbon economy and become sustainable within a decade. The book titled "Guide to Sustainia" is based on extensive research that shows how sustainable solutions, if implemented on a global scale, can result in a sustainable planet. This publication comes from the international sustainability initiative known as Sustainia.

The guide offers an assessment of the impacts of large-scale implementation of existing sustainable solutions on consumers, homes, cities, industries and other areas. It employs the technologies involved in housing retrofits, smart grid, and renewable energy.

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chair of Regions20, Honorary Chair of Sustainia, says: "Sustainia is my kind of world: A desirable place where we live life to the fullest without damaging the only planet we have."

This guide is a showcase for sustainable technology, innovation and best practice in six key areas of the society:

2. Cities
3. Homes
4. Transportation
5. fashion
6. health industry.

The guide offers real world scenarios, how-to guides and principles. One of the things that make this guide unique is the fact that all of these areas are explored together as opposed to individually

This guide is a visionary look at a future society where human lifestyle has successfully been through a transformation through sustainable practices.

As explained by Laura Storm, executive director, Sustainia and lead-author of the Guide, the scary picture scientists paint of the future inspires "fear, despair and resignation" which does not motivate people to act. In Guide to Sustania she wants to offer a "new narrative" with "exciting solutions."

To download the book click here.

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