Monday, August 26, 2013

Sustainable Schools Produce Eco-literate Ambassadors

Sustainability is increasingly ubiquitous on university campuses across the country and around the world. But do students and society really benefit from an environmental education and a sustainable campus? More specifically, do environmental academics, renewable energy, recycling and other sustainability initiatives stay with students after they graduate? Do they carry their green experience into the workforce?

Sierra set out to answer this question by asking Do Green Schools Matter? They explain that it is hard to respond to this query as are only a few universities that actually track whether environmental curricula make a difference to students after graduate.

However, according to their anecdotal evidence it would appear that environmentalism on campus sticks with students well after they graduate.

As explained in their article,

"The most powerful renewable energy resource these campuses generate is freshly educated young people. And colleges crow that instilling eco-literacy--teaching youths about the state of our planet--will put us on the right path."

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