Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Top Twelve Solar Friendly US States

Here is a top twelve list of the most solar friendly US states. This ranking was derived from a July 2013 report from the Environment America Research & Policy Center. Their assessment criteria, include new and cumulative installed capacity, actual electrical generation and variety solar energy policies.

Although these twelve states account for around a quarter of the nation's population, they are providing more than four fifths of the nation's installed solar energy.

State policies are important to the growth of solar energy, this includes renewable electricity standards, statewide interconnection, metering, and accommodation for creative financing options.

Number 1: Arizona

Number 2: Nevada

Number 3: Hawaii

Number 4: New Jersey

Number 5: New Mexico

Number 6: California

Number 7: Delaware

Number 8: Colorado

Number 9: Vermont

Number 10: Massachusetts

Number 11: North Carolina

Number 12: Maryland

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