Saturday, August 24, 2013

Video - Green Buildings on Campus

Green buildings are really about a culture of learning. In this video John D. Spengler reviews green innovation in sustainable campuses in Asia. In addition to mitigating carbon footprints and other environmental impacts through energy efficient technologies, campuses in Asia have started to apply various green innovations through design and methods enhancement.

Some campuses use green roofs, others use a green facade with algae to produce energy, and still others irrigate their hydroponics using HVAC's water waste to grow food. Sustainability efforts in Asian campuses now represents the culture of learning and biophilia (the love of the nature). According to Spengler next focus will be on chemicals and how they affect the environment, buildings and people's health.

John D. Spengler co-founded the Harvard Green Campus Initiative in 2000. He is also the Director of the Sustainability and Environmental Management Program for Harvard Extension School and the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard School of Public Health.

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