Monday, September 2, 2013

3 Verdantix Water Reports in Honor of World Water Week

Water is an increasingly scarce resource and managing its use is of paramount importance to businesses today. In honor of World Water Week (September 1 - 6, 2013) here are three reports focused on water from Verdantix:

1.FEMSA Water Funds Direct Investment In Ecosystem Services

This report provides CSOs and Water Directors operating in water stressed regions with a method to manage ecosystem conservation and water stewardship at the watershed level, and engage stakeholders in the process.

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2. Where To Turn For Help On Corporate Water Projects

As the effects of climate change, population growth and rapid industrialization become evident across the globe, freshwater scarcity poses increasing business risks for water-dependent firms. This report reviews firms’ strategic and operational water management risks, the types of tools and consulting available to meet those challenges, and offers recommendations for firms seeking help on water projects based the capabilities of sustainability consultancies.

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3. Water Mismanagement Threatens Profit And Investment Appeal

As firms take their water management strategies beyond compliance, they run into a minefield of obstacles. And the lessons learnt from the carbon debate don’t offer a solution. Verdantix and the CDP co-hosted a breakfast event of industry thought leaders to identify today’s challenges, and potential solutions, for water management.

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About Verdantix

Verdantix is an independent analyst firm that provides authoritative data, analysis and advice to help our clients succeed with their energy, environment and sustainability strategies. Our global primary research and deep domain expertise gives clients a competitive advantage through strategic advice, market opportunity analysis, best practice frameworks and industry connections. They help their clients to improve decision-making in relation to energy, environment and sustainability strategies, markets and projects.

Verdantix client organizations are headquartered in more than 40 countries and individual clients are located in more than 100 countries. Their clients range from the world’s largest power utilities, oil and gas firms and chemicals firms to VC-backed energy and building technology start-ups.

They engage with individual clients who are responsible for growing energy, environment and sustainability market offerings and those who define sustainability strategies and implement projects in operational areas such as energy management, GHG management, facilities management, EH&S, sustainability assurance and sustainability reporting.

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