Monday, September 9, 2013

Energime University: Changing the World with Sustainable Education

Energime University is the world's first scientist driven entity dedicated entirely to teaching sustainable global resource management (Energy, food, water, waste). This school is composed of a dedicated and passionate group of some of the world’s foremost scientists and educators. Energime University is embarking on an ambitious quest to educate the world and provide the essential skills to forge a more sustainable world.

Classes and courses will be offered and taught live and over the internet by the visionary scientists, inventors, integrators, and business experts. These forums will cover the newest and most innovative transformative technologies, operational protocols, and ground breaking projects now in development.

This visionary project is supported by over 150 doctorate level educators and sustainable technology pioneers. Energime is leading a collaborative effort which includes more than 400 tech and business development groups in over 140 countries in an attempt to bring structure and synergy to this global effort. The initial project will serve as a template and central site for what we hope will be hundreds of similar projects worldwide.

Energime University has three main goals:

1. Train students in the skills required to run this new sustainable infrastructure. These are people who will work in industries and factories to produce new technologies, and direct the advanced agriculture, farming, waste and water management protocols.

2. Offer a basic curriculum to the general population that clearly defines how each individual, household, business, and local government can adapt affordable changes that support this effort. This is the consumption part of the equation.

3. We must educate our business, governmental, and social leaders. They need to understand and implement the proper protocols and methodologies required to allow this process to go forward in a manner that is economically feasible and ultimately adaptable.

Energime University launch events will take place during May and June of 2014. It will include some of the world’s greatest “Green” inventors, educators, technology developers, engineers, students, investors, project developers, and civic leaders will be converging on Negril Jamaica to participate in 9 weeks of lectures, demonstrations, workshops and a film festival.

There will be themes for each of the 9 weeks (i.e. Solar/Wind/ Sustainable Agriculture/ Waste Management/ Water Management/Economic Modeling and Project Integration)

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