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Event - GPCA Sustainability Conference

The GPCA Sustainability Conference will take place on December 17 - 19, 2013,  in Dubai, UAE, at the Ritz Carlton. It will focus on planning a long-term future of responsible growth. The chemical industry and chemical companies have started heavily investing in sustainable solutions in the last few years, as the industry is continuously aiming to become more sustainable. The challenge is to make sustainability part of the business planning process of a company. Sustainability is not only a series of actions, but a fundamental plank of planning the business for the long term future. The GPCA Sustainability Conference will be your insight on how to become steadily more profitable while minimizing the environmental impact.

Event Program

Primer on sustainability
Dr. Gary Kendall, University of Cambridge Program for Sustainability Leadership

Lecture 2: Water scenario in the Gulf and the use of water in the chemical industry

Visit to Masdar City

Introductory comments: Strategic importance of sustainability in the GCC region
Abdulwahab Al-Sadoun, Secretary General, GPCA

Keynote: Making a business case for sustainability

Sustainability best practice in the chemical industry
Neil Hawkins, VP/Head of Sustainability, The Dow Chemical Company

Working with NGOs to improve chemical sustainability performance
David Cook, Executive Ambassador, The Natural Step International

Enhancing business performance through sustainability (part 1)

GHG footprint reduction: cost vs. benefits
Baerbel Arnold-Mauer, Vice President, Corporate Brand Management, BASF

Making a supply chain more sustainable: GCC example
Alan Izzard, Vice President, Corporate HSE, Borouge

Measuring water footprint to improve environmental performance and profit

Carbon dioxide and water recovery in the GCC
bdullah Almasoud, Project Execution Group Leader, EQUATE Petrochemical Company

Session: Enhancing business performance through sustainability (part 2)

ISO 50001: a practical roadmap for reducing energy consumption
Ralf Jaeger, Endress & Hauser Instruments International AG

Reducing GHG emissions through CO2 recovery and managing fugitive VOCs and flare emissions: QAFAC’s experience
Mr. Nadeem Bashir, QAFAC

Energy efficiency tutorial
Mr. Danilo Troncarelli, Accenture

Petrochemical Sustainability Officer Panel: What lies ahead?
Adel Saud Al-Shafai, Manager, Sustainability, SABIC Rick Wagner, Global Sustainability Manager, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Invited, Reliance Industries and Borealis

Keynote: Overcoming generational resistance to the chemical industry
Ramesh Ramachandran, President and CEO, ME Global

Controlling business risk through sustainable growth

Managing sustainability in chemical companies

Panel: Renewables, do they have a future in chemical markets
Doris de Guzman, Tecnon Orbichem

Session: Relations with stakeholders and investors

Changing the image of the chemical industry for the better
Carolyn Mayo, Edelman Trust Barometer

Investors’ views of what makes sustainability leaders in chemicals
Andrea Ricci, Senior Analyst, Chemical Industry, Robeco SAM AG/Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Sustainability reporting standards

Panel: After a quarter of a century: What are the next steps for Responsible Care?

Closing keynote: The importance of innovation in achieving sustainability
Richard Northcote, Chief Sustainability Officer, Bayer MaterialScience

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