Sunday, September 22, 2013

Event - Low Wind Forum

Low Wind Forum will take place on October, 30-31, 2013 in Hamburg, Germany. Maximizing energy yield and return on investment on low and medium wind sites How commercially viable are low wind sites? As the availability of onshore high-wind sites decreases, low to medium wind sites (IEC II/III) are becoming feasible alternatives. Yet concerns over energy yield, as well as O&M and set-up costs, need to be addressed.

Use this forum to assess the feasibility of a low-wind project or learn how to maximise an existing project. In particular you will find out about:

Understanding the variables which affect the viability and ROI of low to medium wind sites Assessing the factors which affect the quality of the wind resource Technology available to optimise energy output on these sites and the implications for planning and development consents Low wind site developers’ perspectives: Ilmatar Windpower, juwi, VenSol and Saba Wind Oy

PLUS: Wind Resource Assessment For Low-Wind Briefing on 31 October 2013: Overcoming resource assessment challenges to reduce uncertainty in low-wind project development Briefing leaders include Cian Desmond, Wind Energy Research Engineer, Loughborough University.

Click here to see the full agenda. Click here to register.

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