Sunday, September 22, 2013

Event - SolarTech Expo Argentina 2013

SolarTech Expo Argentina 2013, is a strictly B2B conference and exhibition, it will be held in Buenos Aires on 23-24 September 2013. The event will focus on recent technology and commercial market developments within PV, CSP, CPV, OPVC, BIPV, Thin Film and solar thermal.

Located in the networking area exhibition will hold exhibition where leading solar energy technology companies will showcase their technologies and solutions for the industry.

Some of the confirmed speakers:

•Mr Alejandro Burlot, Director of Energy, Subsecretary of Energy and Mining, Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, Government of Mendoza
•Mr Raúl Tello, President, Secretary of Environment and Sustanaible Development, Government of San Juan
•Mr Omar Vicente Judis, Minister of Infrastructure, Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Servicies, Goverment of Chaco
•Mr Martín Sánchez, Vice President, Industrial Belgrano
•Mr Víctor Doña, General Manager, State Energy Society EPSE
•Mr Daniel Moreno, Sustainable Development and Security Manager, Edenor
•Mr Juan Carlos Tripaldi, Assistant Manager of Energy Efficiency, Edenor
•Mr Pablo Cisneros, Energy Chief Executive, CAF Banco de Desarrollo de America Latina
•Mr Alberto Levy Ferre, Senior Infrastructure Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank

Conference main topics:

•Development of solar projects in Argentina
•Government support for solar energy industry
•Solar-thermal, PV, CSP, BIPV technology update
•Solar power inverter innovations
•Large scale solar build - options for Argentina and South America - challenges and opportunities
•Energy storage for solar energy industry
•O&M of PV systems
•Project finance for solar energy industry
•Project risk management
•Solar energy and smart grid
•New market opportunities

Who will attend:

•Governments, Trade Missions and Embassies’ Representatives
•CEOs, Directors, MDs, GMs From Energy Providers, Traders And Distributors
•Chief Financial Officers From Energy Companies
•Solar and PV Energy Producers And Traders
•Energy Suppliers
•Energy Supply Chain Managers
•Heads Of Finance
•Energy Finance Providers
•Energy Engineering, Process And Technology Providers
•Energy Project Management Specialists
•Specialist Energy Industry Advisors, Analysts And Consultants
•Energy Storage Experts
•Solar Energy Business Development Managers, Marketing And Sales Directors
•Energy Corporate, Project And Trade Finance Specialists
•Financial Directors And Managers
•Financiers, Lawyers, Financial Analysts, Risk Managers
•Banks And Financial Institutions
•Solar Park Operations Managers
•Energy Economists
•Technical Directors And Managers
•Procurement Managers And Specialists
•Local Governments’ Representatives
•Solar Projects Construction Experts
•Smart Grid Professionals
•and many more

Why attend:

•A fully packed programme of high profile speakers
•Excellent networking with the who's who of the regional and international solar energy industry
•Technology update in the exhibition area
•Extensive finance advice on developing commercially profitable solar energy projects with case studies
•Learn about local solar energy development and profitability
•Join +200 experts

For more information click here, to register click here.

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