Friday, September 27, 2013

Green Consumer Day 2013

Green Consumer Day is an annual event that encourages more responsible purchasing, it is also a day that highlights the problem of consumerism. In 2013 this day is being celebrated on Saturday, the 28th of September.

A green consumer is someone who is concerned about the environment. They seek to purchase products with minimal environmental impacts. In the most general terms, Green Consumer Day asks people to assess the items they purchase in light of the energy used to create it and the waste it generates, both during and after manufacturing. Green Consumer Day not only asks people to consider how a product is made, other variables are also important like the materials used, how it is packaged and whether it is recyclable.

In addition to existing green consumers, Green Consumer Day seeks to encourage others to reevaluate their buying behaviors.

Depending on how Green Consumer Day is promoted and who is doing the promoting, it can be either an important day to raise awareness about consumerism and responsible purchasing or it can be a pathetic example of exploitative greenwash.

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AnnaPorter said...

So what is the history of Green Consumer Day? Who started it? I can't find anything on the Web about it. Someone must be determining when it is...and what it's about.