Thursday, September 5, 2013

Green Education and Ten Careers in Sustainability

A green education opens doors to a number of  high paying careers and helps to build a more sustainable world. The importance of a workforce schooled in sustainability is critical to the future of our planet.

Our environment is in crisis due to the ways we produce energy, grow food and manage water and waste. If we continue with business as usual a systemic collapse is inevitable and in many places it has already begun. People who understand the dynamics of sustainability can dramatically change the ways we do things before we pass irreversible tipping points that will condemn future generations to an environmental apocalypse.

There are a number of schools that are striving to meet this daunting challenge. Increasingly sustainability is being woven into campuses and curriculums around the world. Schools are preparing students to meet these challenges and secure a career in sustainability.

What are some of the jobs that can be had with a green education? Here are some of the more popular high paying careers in sustainability:

  1. Energy and Sustainability Management
  2. Carbon Emission Management
  3. Energy Analysis
  4. Sustainable Project Management
  5. Sustainability Performance Analysis
  6. Energy Conservation Modelling and Forecasting
  7. Carbon Management
  8. Sustainable Project Management
  9. Sustainability Officer 
  10. Sustainability Consultant
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