Saturday, September 7, 2013

Video - The Global Water Crisis Explained and Possible Solutions Proposed

Almost one billion people lack reliable access to clean drinking water. At least 80 countries have significant water shortages. The world is in a global water crisis, and the situation may get worse with population growth and global climate change. This video explains the causes of this crisis -- and what science can do to potentially solve it.

"Water is going to be this century's oil," says Hessy Taft, who narrates the video. "We really need to do something. Business as usual cannot continue. We need to try to find solutions."

Taft, who is at St. John's University, states that an expanding world population, an aging infrastructure and severe climate change are causing global and national water challenges. The video focuses on possible solutions to the water sustainability crisis, including conservation, desalinating salty water, and recycling and reusing water from municipal sewage treatment plants. eau, aqua, oceans, lakes, rivers, ground water, aquifers, resource, manage, stewardship, precious, finite, vital, use, exploitation, responsible, sustainable, sustainability,

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