Sunday, October 13, 2013

Event - CR Reporting & Communications Summit

The Ethical Corporation is hosting a summit on CR Reporting & Communications on November 27 and 28 at the Regent's Park Marriott Hotel in Central London, UK. This event offers robust debate and in-depth, honest discussions with Heads of CR and Comms, and practical sessions on what matters to you the most.

This event will address the business value of a CSR disclosure strategy with real life examples from Heads of CR & Comms who will demystify the G4 guidelines.

Save time, money and resources on the nitty gritty of reporting with exclusive new methods to manage data and develop relevant and material KPIs

No-one reads your report - what do you do now? Remain relevant and engaging by optimising on formats and use of new media channels

Stakeholder engagement 2.0: Take your sustainability communications strategy to the next level, with best practice on employee, supplier and customer engagement techniques

Four key points that set this event apart

1. More interaction and discussion with a revolutionised conference format Sitting through hours and hours of presentations before desperately trying to get your questions asked in 5 minutes of Q&A is a waste of time. So we've changed things. 50% of a session is given over to Q&A as standard; shorter, more dynamic case studies drilling down into key issues; new formats – like our X-Factor for Reports where 3 leading reports go in front of our panel of judges – and our audience.

2. An unrivalled history of delivering results and bringing together the community There’s simply no other conference on CR reporting and communications out there with our track record. Six years and 800+ satisfied customers later, we’re still driven to improve. There’s a breakdown of last year's attendees on the list on the right.

3. Contributions from only the best CR Reporters and Communicators in Europe With multiple award-winning reporters contributing, along with 20+ others requested by peers, you won’t find a more incisive, knowledgeable and dynamic set of speakers on this topic anywhere else.

4. The most relevant, practical and forward-looking agenda you’ll ever see Unlike many conference companies, Ethical Corporation spend months talking to your peers to put together an agenda exclusively based on the needs and interests of the CR and communications communities. Every topic on our agenda has been requested by a peer, investigated by us, and peer-reviewed by many leading practitioners to ensure relevance and usefulness to our audience.

Who Should Attend

This uniquely practical conference has been created for everyone involved in the sustainability reporting process, from CSR and sustainability teams to Communications, Marketing and Branding functions. Scroll down for a sample of past attendees.

This event is for you if you’re aiming to optimize your everyday reporting management processes including

•Making sense of the GRI G4 and other reporting guidelines
•Data gathering techniques
•Developing material KPIs
•Internal stakeholder engagement and/or you’re taking your broader sustainability communications strategy to the next level, with focus on
•External stakeholder engagement
•Readability through a range of formats geared to different needs
•Relevant messaging via new media channels

To see the list of speakers click here.
To Register click here.

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