Sunday, October 20, 2013

Event - WasteExpo Conference and Exhibition 2014

WasteExpo conference and exposition 2014 will be taking place on April 28 - May 1, 2014 at the Georgia World Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Whether you are from the private sector, a small, medium or large public sector waste management company, or a manufacturer or supplier, from the US or abroad, WasteExpo brings the entire industry together!

Almost all (99.6%) of previous WasteExpo attendees would recommend the show to a colleague.

WasteExpo Attendees Job Functions:

•34% Owner/President/CEO
•23% Sales/Marketing Manager
•16% Operations Manager
•7% Corporate Manager
•5% Environmental Engineer/Consultant
•3% Maintenance/Fleet Manager
•3% Health & Safety Officer
•1% Equipment Operator/Driver
•8% Other

What other professionals will attend WasteExpo?

•Waste Services Companies (including Private or Publicly Traded waste services companies, Landfill Owners/Operators, Independent Contractors)
•Government Officials (including Municipalities, County Agencies, Regional Authorities, Special Districts, State and Federal Governments, and Public Landfill Sites)
•Composters and Compost Professionals (including Private and Public sector Facility Managers and Owners, Marketers, Regulators, Consultants)
•Organics Recycling Professionals (including corporate sustainability mangers, consultants, Green Waste Haulers, and Public Sector Organics Professionals) •Anaerobic Digestion Professionals (including System and Technology providers, Equipment providers, Facility Managers, Consultants, Government Officials, and Zero Waste advocates)
•Waste Generators (Businesses and Organizations that Create Waste in Manufacturing, Retailing and/or Providing Services)
•Recycling Firms (including Secondary Materials Processors, Contractors and Recyclers)
•Consulting Engineering Firms (including Consultants, Architects, Research and/or Development Organizations)
•Trucking Professionals – including Fleet Owners, Operators and Maintenance Professionals
•General Contractors
•Healthcare Waste Professionals – including Healthcare Waste Generators, Transporters and Service Providers; Manufacturers, Distributors and Users of Healthcare Waste Products; and Federal, State and Local RegulatorsLandfill Professionals •Landfill Professionals – including Private and Public Sector Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Landfill Owners/Operators/Engineers and MSW Equipment Suppliers
•Equipment Manufacturers
•Distributors and Dealers
•Legal, Insurance, Financial Firms
•Associations and Publications

Co-Locating Events at WasteExpo - The Healthcare Waste Conference Organized by the Healthcare Waste Institute, the Healthcare Waste Conference remains the preeminent conference for networking and discussing current healthcare waste management issues.

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