Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fossil Free Europe Tour in Full Swing

Bill McKibben and the crew, are in the midst of a European tour aimed at encouraging Europe to go fossil free. Mckibben, and a wide range of climate leaders are working on growing the movement to change the terrifying math of the climate crisis.

The Fossil Free Europe Tour includes speakers from across social movements and incorporates multimedia including videos and music. Video links will highlight the thoughts of people like author Naomi Klein and former Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Student activists, faith campaigners, community energy leaders are also sharing their stories.

On October 27 the tour visited Berlin and on the 29th Amsterdam. Today October 30th the campaign is in Edinburgh and on October 31 they will visit Birmingham. On November 1 the tour concludes with a presentation in London. For those in European cities tickets are available, for those who cannot attend a live show there will be livestreaming of the final London show in homes and communities across Europe.

Click here to find or host a livestream gathering.

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