Sunday, October 13, 2013

Growth Strategies For Energy & Sustainability In 2014

Growth Strategies For Energy & Sustainability In 2014 will take place on November 12th 2013 at the Charing Cross Hotel, The Strand, London. This event is presented by Verdantix, it will address the growth prospects for the energy and sustainability market as the UK, Eurozone and US emerge from recession. How can the heads of energy and sustainability persuade the CEO and CFO to increase funding for their initiatives. These are crucial issues that leaders in the energy and sustainability market should focus on as they head into planning and budgeting for the 2014 financial year.

The Verdantix Summit will equip attendees with the data, insights and connections you need to power up your energy and sustainability strategies. It will discuss the drivers behind the market and link profitability with improved performance on energy and sustainability. It will also provide new perspectives on drivers of growth: energy supply risk, the rise of materiality, how ESG metrics impact valuation and CFO engagement.

Over the last 5 years corporate activity on the energy and sustainability agenda has increased. According to Verdantix survey data, in 2013 most corporate sustainability budgets grew between 3% and 6%. Against the backdrop of significantly heightened environmental risks, a more complex global policy environment and expectations for higher energy prices firms will need to commit to much bigger increases in funding for their sustainability strategies. But unless energy and sustainability leaders have hard data, industry benchmarks and a persuasive narrative they will not win the battle to grab a bigger slice of funding in 2014.

Who Should Attend?

The Verdantix Summit meets the needs of corporate and commercial leaders with responsibility for energy, environment and sustainability.
  • Heads of Sustainability, Energy and Facilities
  • Heads of Environment, Directors of EH&S
  • Commercial leaders for energy, environment and sustainability products or services
  • CEOs, CFOs and COOs seeking to increase understanding of energy and sustainability
  • Venture capitalists, private equity investors and asset managers
  • Board members responsible for sustainability, responsibility and citizenship
  • Corporate communications leaders and PR consultants
Benefits For Participants
  • Network with your peers
  • Enhance your growth strategy for 2014
  • Get hard data to increase your budget
  • Promote your organization
  • Access Verdantix content and meet the analysts
To book your ticket please click here or email for more information.

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