Friday, October 18, 2013

Innovation in the Low Carbon Energy Economy

The competitive advantage afforded by innovations in low carbon energy is a powerful incentive driving adoption by both governments and businesses. With world energy consumption expected to grow by 40 percent over the next twenty years, companies that are capable of quickly scaling innovations in low-carbon technologies will reap substantial rewards.

Low carbon energy, efficiency and other climate related businesses, offer significant benefits as evidenced by historical revenue data as well as future predictions. In 2009 these industries generated $530 billion and by 2020 they are expected to surpass $2 trillion.

Businesses drive low carbon innovation in energy, efficiency, and transportation. One of the areas where there is a great deal of room for improvement concerns buildings which account for approximately 40 percent of global energy demand.

Low-carbon innovations not only reduce carbon emissions, they also bring additional benefits including decreased operating costs, increased flexibility, and higher market share as compared to competitors.

Success in low carbon innovation demands widespread adoption. This in turn is premised on understanding the needs of customers and partners across the value chain.

Low-carbon innovations provides a competitive advantages to individual companies, national economies and the entire globe.

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