Saturday, October 19, 2013

Video - This is What a Corroded Underwater Tar Sands Pipeline Looks Like

This video footage of Enbridge's 60-year-old tar sands pipeline under Lake Erie has been publicly documented on film for the first time. This pipeline runs across the Straits of Mackinac, in the Great Lakes. In July, 2013, NWF contracted divers to obtain footage of those pipelines as a way to better understand the integrity and placement. What the video evidenced revealed was shocking. The pipelines are suspended over the lake bed on corroded supports some of which have fallen apart altogether. Other sections of the pipelines are covered in large piles of unknown debris.

Rather than scale back the quantity of oil flowing through the pipelines and do the necessary repairs, Enbridge has increased the pressure and flow. As reported by NWF, "Enbridge bypassed critical environmental permitting on the pipeline."

Let your Senators know that you are concerned that the waters and beaches of Lake Michigan are at risk from an oil disaster. Let them know that you're concerned about Enbridge's actions and disregard for the safety of the Great Lakes.

Click here to demand that the pipeline be replaced and an Environmental Impact Statement be conducted through a revised Presidential Permit.

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