Friday, November 15, 2013

Businesses Take the Recycling at Work Pledge!

A growing number of businesses are already recycling. Not only does this have a tangible environmental benefit, it also helps to promote your brand. America Recycles Day makes it easy to recycle. Simply follow the Recycling at Work 10-Step Action Plan to building a successful employee-driven recycling program (see list of complimentary tools and resources at the bottom of the page).

When your business or organization takes the Recycling at Work pledge, you earn immediate recognition as a Pledge Partner and can begin accessing a range of benefits to help you increase recycling in the workplace. Take the pledge today and join the other businesses, government agencies, hospitals, schools and institutions in the national effort to increase Recycling at Work.

Here are a few of the many benefits:
  • Boost employee morale by engaging them in a cause with environmental, social and economic benefits
  • Reduce your environmental impact and realize potential cost-savings from waste reduction
  • Exchange ideas and best practices with other Pledge Partners
  • Earn national recognition among other respected organizations and leading companies
  • Have your logo featured on the Recycling at Work home page and your organization listed on our Pledge Partner page
  • Become eligible for special discounts on recycling bins
  • Access free webinars on best practices in workplace recycling
  • Learn about free recycling resources in your community
  • Receive periodic updates and helpful tips from Recycling at Work
  • Submit your recycling best practices case study and photos for consideration to be featured on the Recycling at Work website
Recycle at Work Pledge

We the undersigned pledge to recycle more of materials generated at our workplace by 10 percent over the next two years.*

We will achieve our goal by taking actions which may include:
  • Identifying opportunities to recycle more and waste less
  • Making recycling more convenient in our workplace to enable greater participation
  • Increasing employee awareness of waste reduction and recycling opportunities in the workplace
  • Identifying cost-effective opportunities to purchase products with recycled content
  • Implementing purchasing policies that consider a product’s end of life use and recyclability
  • Reporting on our actions and progress through the Recycling at Work online reporting system
  • Celebrating our success
  • Inviting at least one other company or organization to take this Pledge
My organization is proud to take the Recycling at Work pledge and join other businesses and organizations in increasing recycling at our workplace. Every action adds up to making a difference.

Click here to take the Recycle at Work Pledge

Make your “I Recycle” pledge go even further through our America Recycles Day Thunderclap, which will post a synchronized message of support on the Facebook or Twitter accounts of all our supporters at the exact same time on America Recycles Day. The more people that spread the word, the bigger difference we can make. Click here to go to Thunderclap.

Click here for to get ideas for activities and events to engage employees in recycling
Click here to download free educational resources and training materials
Click here to access and customize communications templates and promotional materials to publicize your success

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