Friday, November 1, 2013

Conservative Convention Ignores the Environmental Abuses of Harper and His Government

The environmentally abusive Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his entire government are in Calgary for the Conservative Party convention which started on Thursday, October 31 and runs until Saturday, November 2. The convention is mired in the corruption controversy surrounding Harper's Senate appointments, while ignoring the far bigger issue of the Conservative's historic environmental abuse. This government has done more to undermine environmental protections and a science based policy than any government in Canadian history.

This government is fixated on securing as many petro-dollars as it can and in light of what we know about the irrefutable connection between fossil fuels and climate change, this is unconscionable. Canada's ongoing exploitation of the tar sands ensure that the country will not be able to meet its promised GHG targets.

Canada has the dirtiest oil on the planet and the Harper government has pulled out all the stops to try and secure approval for the Keystone XL pipeline which would ferry Canada's tar sands to the US.

The litany of the Harper government's environmental abuse is long, here are several examples:
The legacy of Stephen Harper's government may go down in history as the low point in Canadian politics.

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