Saturday, November 9, 2013

Video - Cost of Extreme Weather in September 2013 in the US and Around the World

Almost two months before Super-typhoon Haiyan struck the Philipines, WeatherNationTV Chief Meteorologist Paul Douglas goes over the cost of severe weather. As reviewed in the video, billion of dollars of damage was caused by flooding in China, Russia, the Philippines, and Pakistan. Extreme winter conditions were reported in South America as well as drought and hail which damaged crops in the US.

Superstorm Sandy slammed into North America in late October 2012 and approximately one year later Superstorm Haiyan, perhaps the strongest storm ever to make landfall, struck Asia. People are asking questions about extreme weather and the relationship to climate change. Fueled by warmer seas caused by global warming these destructive weather anomalies are certain to increase as the world gets warmer.

We know for sure that extreme weather comes with extreme cost and according to Nasa scientists the situation will get worse as the planet warms.

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