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Courses - Wind Power Finance School

Wind Power Finance School will take place on 25—29 November 2013 in Hong Kong. Two integrated courses, led by an experienced industry expert and providing a thorough and practical insight into the money side of the wind business from financial principles to wind project funding, modelling & risk/return analysis

Worldwide wind power generation installed capacity grew by 19 per cent in 2012 to a total of 282 GW (source: Global Wind Energy Council) and is expected to break through the 300GW mark during 2013. Although new installation growth is expected to slow from its early, giddy heights in markets such as Europe and the US, regions such as Africa, Asia and South America provide on-going opportunities for the industry to continue its development path. Even where new wind farm installation slows, trends such as repowering and optimisation will continue to be important in driving returns and valuations for operating wind farm assets.

In order to continue its growth trajectory or to realise the value on existing projects, the wind power industry will compete in the highly competitive market for finance, a market which is increasingly careful in its scrutiny of the risks and returns of its competing investment options. As such, a knowledge of the financial models behind such decisions is of critical importance not just to those investing from outside, but also to those within the industry who are seeking to make and sell their business case.

You can attend the complete course or just the module of your choice:

Complete course - Wind Power Finance School: 25–29 November 2013
Module 1 - Financial Planning for Wind Power Projects: 25-26 November 2013
Module 2 - Wind Power Project Finance Modelling: 27-29 November 2013

Key Learning Objectives

•In a single week, gain a comprehensive overview of all aspects of wind farm finance
•2-day concise introduction to the key financial planning principles, suitable for newcomers to or non-experts in finance and specifically focused with relevance to wind power
•3-day detailed, practical, hands-on financial modelling course, specific to the wind power business and suited to a range of expertises
•Identify the key cashflow, return and risk variables in wind projects, including the models and metrics required to measure them
•Understand how to develop an accurate and attractive business model for wind power projects, from conception through the phases of construction to operation
•Quantifying and allocating risk in wind power projects
•Valuation methods for wind projects
•Discuss and question all aspects of the wind planning business in an informal, friendly environment, led by our independent, expert trainer

Level & Style

•The course presents a variety of concepts and terminology, including a number of financial principles. However all are explained in a clear, business-friendly manner accessible to those without prior financial expertise
•Thus the course is suited both to newcomers to the business as well as to those with knowledge in one or more area of wind power, but looking to place this within the context of the financial aspects of wind technology and project planning
•It will appeal to business decision-makers from a variety of job roles and sectors, requiring a thorough and independent subject review, a market-focused discussion, and a chance to meet like-minded professionals
•Content is delivered throughout in an informal, interactive manner, encouraging questions and discussions
•Attendees will have the chance to create their own financial models, as well as view pre-prepared ones, and take part in group discussions in order to revise and better illustrate key learning points

Who Should Attend?

All commercial roles and senior managers, business analysts and industry newcomers from:

•Wind Power Investors (Banks, Investment Funds, VCs etc.) •Lawyers, Insurers (and other wind power commercial service suppliers) •Government Energy Policymakers and Planners •Utilities & Power Generating Companies •Wind Power Equipment & Service Suppliers •Land and Real-Estate Owners •Any others with an interest in entering or benefiting from the growing wind power market

About your trainer

Justin Jeffs is currently Senior Adviser in Investment & Economics for Triventus AB, one of the Nordic region’s leading renewable energy developers and consultancies. His wealth of experience in the wind sector includes managing the acquisition, development and sale of wind and other renewable energy projects and acting as adviser to international developers, banks and investors.

Justin’s previous experience includes running an independent strategy and business consultancy focusing on the environmental technology sector and ten years in wholesale and investment banking as head of business case development for global operational strategy and latterly as business manager to the COO where he was responsible for strategy, planning and control. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and holds an International MSc in Ecotechnology and Sustainable Development.

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