Monday, November 11, 2013

Free Lecture - Plastic Bag Pollution and Legislation

This free Lecture on Plastic Bag Pollution and Legislation will take place on November 10, 2013 (3 pm) at the River Vale Community Center, 628 River Vale Road, River Vale, NJ The non-profit Pascack Sustainability Group invites members of the community to join a free talk and discussion about single use disposable bags and a proposed bill in the New Jersey legislature to curb plastic bag pollution.

Guest speaker Noemi de La Puente, leader of the NJ Bag Coalition will present, “What’s the Bag Deal? A Discussion about Plastic Bag Pollution and Solutions.” Offering perspectives from the "trenches" of a coalition building grass roots support, Noemi will explain: What is going on in NJ with a possible five cent fee on all plastic and paper shopping bags in the state? What are the bills before the Senate and Assembly, and how far have they gotten? What can you do personally to help spread the word and "be the change"?

Admission is free and new members are welcome. The mission of Pascack Sustainability Group is to raise environmental awareness and promote sustainable practices in the homes, schools, businesses and towns of the Pascack Valley, Northern New Jersey.

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