Monday, November 4, 2013

Renewables Supply 60 Percent of Germany's Energy

One month ago, on Germany’s annual Reunification Day holiday celebrated on October 3rd, almost 60 percent of the nation's power capacity was met by clean renewable power. On this day Germany managed to hit a peak of 59.1 percent renewable power generation due to the confluence of bright sun and strong winds. Contrary to the concerns expressed by some, this influx of renewable energy did not cause the nation's power grid to surge beyond capacity.

On October 3, peak energy generation from both the wind and the sun occurred around noon. For the entire day, this renewable duo met 36.4 percent of Germany's total electricity generation. At its apogee solar panels contributed 11.2 percent of this total accounting for 20.5 gigawatts.

Not only did the grid hold together, but the price for that electricity decreased substantially. The electricity price index at 2:00pm was only 2.75 cents per kilowatt hour (the index covers Germany, Austria, France, and Switzerland).

This is important news for those who continue to doubt that renewables can meet our energy needs. If an industrial powerhouse like Germany, the economic engine of Europe, can generate the majority of its energy using only wind and sunlight this speaks volumes to the potential of renewables to power the world.

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