Friday, November 15, 2013

Simple Recycling Tips for Offices and Workplaces

Almost everything we use in our offices can be recycled, including printed paper, used ink cartridges, empty cartons and old computers and printers. Here are 5 simple tips from the Green Business Bureau to help your business to recycle:

1. Find a recycling center near you (click here)

2. Place clearly labeled recycling bins around the office. Provide separate bins for plastic, metal, glass and paper if your recycling system is not single-stream.

3. Place bins strategically. Easily accessible recycling bins are more likely to be used. Place a paper-recycling bin near the printer and aluminum/plastic/glass recycling bin in kitchen and break room.

4. Recycle hardware carefully. Take used batteries, old computers and printers to a certified electronic recycling facility.

5. Select a recycling coordinator. As with other programs, accountability is important. Choose a recycling coordinator who would be responsible for dropping off the recycled material at the right locations, encouraging and educating other employees about benefits of recycling. The recycling coordinator can also reward employees who recycle most with a free lunch, day off, etc.

Missouri City’s Green Committee Recycling Initiative was launched in 2012. They highlight some key points that reinforce the Green Business Bureau's recommendations. They suggest that clear labels and a central recycling location are the keys to creating a robust workplace recycling program. They also indicate that it is crucial to ensure that people understand the objectives of such a program.

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