Saturday, November 2, 2013

Video - Superstorm Sandy Climate Change and Extreme Weather: Two Women that are Models of Resilience

Here are the stories of two women who have played key roles in post Sandy recovery. Here is a very brief review of a few highlights from hurricane Sandy as well as a caution about extreme weather caused by climate change.

As Governor Cuomo said, "There is a wake-up call here and there is a lesson to be learned, there is a reality has existed for a long time that we have been blind to and that is climate change, extreme weather, call it what you will and our vulnerability to it, it was true ten years ago it was true five years ago it is undeniable today."

Terri Bennett, a founder of Respond and Rebuild, one of the first groups to help low-income residents of the Rockaways rebuild after Superstorm Sandy, and also focused on providing free mold remediation that eventually inspired the city’s similar program, and Jessica Roff, a founder of Restore the Rock, a nonprofit created by Sandy volunteers who met while working out of a space in the Rockaways called YANA, or You Are Never Alone, where they operated a free health clinic, legal clinic and trained and dispatched hundreds of volunteers.

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