Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Cleantech Open Cleanie and National Sustainability Award Winners

The Cleantech Open is a technology accelerator that acknowledges teams that have made a significant contribution to cleantech. Here are the 2013 winners of the "Cleanie" and "National Sustainability" Awards:

Cleanie Award

The Cleantech Open has awarded PowWow Energy the Grand Prize Cleanie award. As the top cleantech entrepreneur of the year, PowWow Energy earns a monetary award of $200,000. PowWow was selected for developing a technology that enables farmers and ranchers to quickly detect water leaks that can destroy an entire crop or cause thousands of dollars of damage.

The two runners-up were HJ3 Composite Technologies, which manufactures, engineers and installs advanced composite systems that have been used on more than 10,000 applications worldwide, and Bio-Adhesive Alliance, which produces low-cost and durable adhesive from swine manure that can be utilized as a substitute to petroleum-based asphalt.

National Sustainability Award

Based on how well they describe and quantify the net environmental, economic and social benefits/impacts of their cleantech application, the 2013 National Sustainability Award went to Garden Fresh Farms. The award winning entry is building a nationwide network of investor-owned, inner-city indoor hydroponic farms. The runner-up in this category was Grannus, which has developed the Eureaka Process, a disruptive innovation in the production of nitrogen fertilizer (urea).

Through the Cleantech Open's Accelerator Program teams are given the tools they need to embed sustainability into every aspect of their company. Each team receives specific mentoring to ensure triple-bottom-line business practices.

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