Sunday, December 1, 2013

Course - Permaculture Design (Free)

The free Permaculture Design Course is a complete online self-paced program where participants can learn from world-class instructors.

The complete 72+ hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course covers:

•Natural building construction
•Pattern observation and site analysis
•Renewable energy and appropriate technology •Reading the land and natural cycles •Rainwater harvesting and conservation
•Soil regeneration and land restoration
•Passive and active solar design
•Food forests, trees, and garden design
•Greywater considerations and system design
•Business and financial permaculture
•Waste recycling and treatment
•Urban permaculture for sustainable cities
•...and much, much more!

Course Instructor(s): Larry Korn America’s leading permaculture authority and translator of Fukuoka's book One Straw Revolution, along with other world-class teachers.

Course Cost and Content Format: Completely free! The World’s First Free Online Permaculture Design Course includes unlimited access to online video lectures, some amazing interviews on sustainable living and intentional community design from some of the world’s greatest educators.

This is the same permaculture design course curriculum that is taught for thousands of dollars around the world, now available to you without charge. Our goal is to take permaculture mainstream, which requires making the knowledge available to people around the world without barriers. Many thousands of people have signed up since this course has been launched and we are continuing to fine-tune and release content.

For more information or to register click here.

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