Sunday, December 1, 2013

Training with The Climate Reality Leadership Corps in South Africa

Attend a Training with The Climate Reality Leadership Corps By joining the Climate Reality Leadership Corps at the training in Johannesburg, South Africa March 12-14, you will join a very select group of world-changers who’ve come together to confront the greatest issue of our time, the one that will define us to future generations. You bring commitment to this cause backed by a long list of accomplishments. This training is your opportunity to take your skills to the next level and go from great to truly exceptional.

During the training, you’ll learn from former Vice President and Climate Reality Project Chairman Al Gore and a group of world-class scientists, strategists, communicators, and organizers about the science of climate change and how to talk to people across the continent about the ways this crisis affects them personally — and what can be done to solve it. You’ll learn how to combine science and solutions, organizing techniques proven by decades of social movements with a 21st-century approach to outreach through storytelling, public speaking, social media networking, and media engagement.

Over the course of the training, you’ll meet trained Climate Reality Leaders with experience in organizing and presenting who come from various professional backgrounds and learn from their experience. You will also meet an incredible group of exceptionally motivated individuals training alongside you including public servants, business people, academics, activists, non-profit professionals, educators, and more. We can’t promise exactly what comes next, but we can promise these three days will change your life.

Previous trainings have covered themes such as:

Environmental Security

Climate change has been identified as a threat multiplier in regions of the world where changing temperatures will place additional stress on natural resources such as food and water. Previous panels have discussed the implications of climate change for issues of security in different regions of the world.


It is primarily the role of business leadership to drive strategic and long-term transformational change and lead the way to a low–carbon development path. Previous topics include how businesses leaders can take action against climate change and respond accordingly to the pressing challenges in their daily operations.

The Health Cost of Carbon

Drought. Pollution. Wildfires. What we consume is consuming us. Over the past decade we have seen a dramatic rise in asthma and respiratory diseases. Professionals working in the healthcare field will share how to make the compelling case that climate change and fossil fuel consumption is negatively impacting our health.

How To Apply

Take the first step towards joining the Climate Reality network and a future without carbon pollution. Applications must be submitted by February 7th but will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

For more information or to register click here.

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JMoore said...

Sorry, I would like to participate, but I do not fly because it exacerbates global warming/climate crisis and people are not allowed to participate otherwise.