Monday, January 20, 2014

Direct Action Camp - How to Peacefully Protest (Greenpeace)

On March 23-28 Greenpeace is facilitating a direct action camp in Phoenix, Arizona that teaches people how to creatively and peacefully protest while connecting with activists from all over the US. We need to see movement on an number of fronts including climate change and other environmental issues. No organization has more experience or is better equipped to instruct people about how to peacefully protest than Greenpeace.

Participants will learn a number of valuable and exciting skills related to advocacy. Specifically they can learn about climbing, boating, arts, blockades, research and even how to protest using an airship. These are just some of the offerings at Greenpeace’s non-violent direct action camp this year in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Action camp starts with folks from all walks of life coming together, honoring diversity, and working across difference. They come together to learn and share skills in support of the growing movements, campaigns, and communities working toward a common goal-– a just and equitable existence for all.

Greenpeace is delighted to participate, and is working hard to make it a safe and inclusive space for all. However, we’re merely facilitating. We need you to make it happen. This is your camp, after all.

Get involved! The application deadline is January 31, 2014. Click here to apply.

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