Sunday, January 26, 2014

Event - Tar Sands Free North East in Montreal

A tour to stop the tar sands organized will be in Montreal on Sunday January 26th at 2 PM. This tour of powerful speakers from the front lines of the tar sands fight that will be making its way through New England in late January and early February. This tour has been created by 350 Maine, working in collaboration with numerous organizations across the region to build a united front against tar sands expansion.

The tour will explore the human and environmental costs of the tar sands. It will confront the raw realities and pull back the curtain on tar sands destruction and build the movement for action in the Northeast.

The Keystone XL pipeline has generated a great deal of opposition. However, the threat of tar sands oil being transported along existing and new pipelines in the northeast -- including the Portland-Montreal and Enbridge pipelines, and the proposed Energy East -- is also a very real and present danger.

On the tour are several speakers who will provide their unique perspectives on the Canadian source of tar sands oil in Alberta at different stops along the way. Here are some of the speakers:

Eriel Deranger - of Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation.
Garth Lenz - an international award winning environmental photojournalist, whose work has been featured in National Geographic.

There will also be a discussion about how you can get involved in the growing Tar Sands Free North East campaign to stop tar sands expansion in our communities.

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