Sunday, January 19, 2014

Event - Wind Energy Summit South Africa (WESSA)

The inaugural Wind Energy Summit South Africa will take place on April 9 and 10, 2014 in Cape Town, South Africa. It is designed to help participants construct and deliver successful, profitable South African wind projects. WESSA is the most targeted South African wind summit for the community to date. Specifically tailored to facilitate and drive forward the development of partnerships whilst tackling emerging issues as the competitive bidding rounds progress.

Five key drivers behind the success of this summit:

1. CEO and C-Level panel discussion on maintaining a competitive edge:
Debate with an international and local panel including Enel Green Power, Red Cap and two of the leading South African banks on the changing landscape of South African wind and how to match the competition

2. The 'Big Four' SA banks to participate:
Already two of the ‘Big Four’ banks are set to share their views of onshore wind in South Africa, with the other two interested in participating

3. The Head of the Grid Access Unit:
Take part in a debate on grid connectivity and risk absorbance hosted by the Head of the Grid Access Unit, Eskom

4. Fully exploring Social Economic Empowerment (SEE):
Address the core SEE issues head on with our senior level panel to ensure you are not left behind as this market rapidly evolves

5. Witness Market Innovation:
Exciting South African news to be revealed Download the brochure for the full conference agenda complete with essential keynote presentations

Explore exclusive insight, best practice and case studies covering:

•Government commitment to future rounds
Understand government objectives and requirements so you can stay within the rapidly evolving legislative parameters
•Meeting complex legislative demands
Learn past experiences in navigating governmental challenges to meet strict EIA requirements in a timely and stress free manner
•Grid connection
Understand what can be done to aid connection issues and establish how to work within Eskom’s perceived timelines
•Supply chain and local content requirements
Learn how to successfully reach financial close whilst establishing a South African supply chain within the increasing local content requirements
•Social economic empowerment (SEE)
Discuss the challenges and realise the benefits of SEE, and how to establish productive relationships that support a successful long term project
•Cost reduction within a volatile currency
Learn what types of contract are now available, explore their risks and benefits and how to adapt them for competitiveness to drive down the cost of your project
•Lessons learned from previous projects
Discuss recurrent issues and new challenges faced during project delivery so you can gain the competitive edge when it comes to overcoming problems

Just a few of those in attendance are:

•The DEA
•Standard Bank
•Red Cap
•Enel Green Power
•Gestamp Wind
•DCD Towers

Four reasons you can’t afford to miss the first commercially dedicated South African wind energy summit:

1.Pioneering discussion panels focused on the hottest topics
2.Eskom’s key decision makers welcoming your questions on integration
3.Heavy South African financier presence
4.Real South African project case studies from rounds 1 & 2

For more information contact Victoria Auckland, Projects Director, Wind Energy Update T: +44 (0) 207 375 7164 or

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