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GMO's Top Communications Stories of 2013

Here are the Green Market Oracle's (GMO) top communications stories for 2013 organized under the headings of the 20 most important related subjects.

This assemblage of 107 articles is comprised of stories that address journalism, successes, gratitude, narratives (religion), awards (organizations and individuals), environmental activism, human rights, the Arctic 30, Earth Hour, Earth Day, the Climate Reality Project, Nelson influential people (Mandela, Martin Luther King, Margaret Thatcher), American attitudes, marketing, greenwash, youth, and women.


Anti-Science Journalism Helped to End Progressive Climate Governance in Australia
Popular Media is to Blame for Inaction on Climate Change
Video - Homage to Environmental Pioneer Rachel Carson
Climate Scientist Susan Solomon's heartening Look at Environmental Successes
The Death of Mikhail Beketov and Environmental Journalism in Russia

Success Stories

2013 Year End Review: US Environmental Success Stories
Environmental Success Stories: Mercury, SLCPs and Many More
Video - NRDC Environmental Victories in 2013
Video - Al Gore on Climate Change: "We are Going to Win We are Going to Fix This"
SNAP: An Important New Conservation and Human Development Collaboration


Environmental Gratitude and Ecological Advocacy
A Holiday Infused with Environmental Gratitude
Video - Thank You for Taking Action to Save the Climate!
Video - Gratitude for Nature (2011): Documentary Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg Tedx
Video - Nature's Beauty: Life is a Gift and the Only Appropriate Response is Gratefulness

New Narratives and Religious Perspectives

The Power of Storytelling: Lessons in Consumer Engagement
Making the Environment Everyone's Concern
Video - Indigenous Vs. Western: Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability
What we can Learn as we Reflect on the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
Video - Changing the Narrative to Change the World
Video - Narratives on Carbon Pollution: Are Individuals to Blame for Carbon Pollution?
Video - Making People Care About Climate Change: The Psychology of Risk Perception
Video - It's all in our heads: The psychology of sustainability
The Symbolism of Easter in an Ecological Context
Pope Francis the Environmentalist

Award Winning Businesses and Organizations

2013 Cleantech Open Cleanie and National Sustainability Award Winners
Winners of the 2013 Green Supply Chain Awards
2013 Global Excellence Project of the Year Award Winners
2013 SEAD Global Efficiency Medal for Computer Monitors
Smooth Criminals Win Corporate Responsibility Honors
US Fish and Wildlife Service Awarded 1st Place in International Diversity Award Competition
APSUS a Finalist in Second Nature Climate Leadership Awards
Enter the 2013 Annual Ethical Corporation Awards

Award Winning Individuals

2013 Brownfield Renewal Person of the Year Award
2013 Green Star Awards for Environmental Emergency Heroes
2013 Brower Youth Awards
2013 WWF Duke of Edinburgh Conservation Medal
Volvo Environment Prize Goes to Chinese Climate Scientist for his Work on Extreme Weather
2012-2013 Awards for Reporting on the Environment

Environmental Activism

A New Environmental Movement Breeds Hope for the Future
Environmental Advocacy Making the Environment Everybody's Concern
What Americans Need to Understand about Environmental Activism on World Environment Day
Turkish Environmentalists Spark National Protests
World Water Week Raises Awareness through Gamification

Human Rights

Human Rights Day (December 10): Climate Change
The UN Connects Human Rights and Climate Change
World Bank on Human Rights and Climate Change
Canadian Sheila Watt-Cloutier the World's Leading Voice on Arctic Climate Impacts and Human Rights
Former Irish President on Development Goals, Climate and Human Rights
A Policy Perspective on Climate Change and Human Rights
What is Environmental Migration and Who are Climate Refugees
Climate Change Exacerbates Social Tensions and Causes Conflict
Sustainable Development Goals to Follow Millennium Development Goals
Environmentalists Continue to be Murdered or Silenced by Courts All Around the World
The Arctic 30

Russian Duma to Free the Arctic 30
Video - Russian Special Forces Assault on The Arctic Sunrise
Video - Greenpeace Global Day of Action to Free the Arctic 30
Neatherlands Seeks Release of the Arctic 30 Through ITLOS
Greenpeace Crew Arrested in the Arctic by Russian Agents
Video - Show Your Support for the Arctic 30 on October 5: Defending the North is Not a Crime
Russia Drops Piracy Charges Against Arctic Protestors
Video - The Arctic is Under Threat from Shell and Gazprom
Video - Greenpeace Confronting Russia's Arctic Oil Exploration
The Race to Exploit the Arctic's Resources Ignores the Costs
Why the Fate of the Arctic Should be of Concern to Us All
The Arctic's Dangerous Combination of Environmental Toxicity and Genetic Vulnerability
Russia Lining Up Investors for Arctic Drilling
Global Warming Exposes Resources but Arctic Meeting Leaves Some Out in the Cold
Video - The Global Implications of Rapid Climate Change in the Arctic

Earth Hour

Video - Business supporting Earth Hour
WWF's Earth Hour Playbook for Business
Video - Indian environmentalist and CEO Shares his Support for Earth Hour
Earth Hour: Tangible Action Beyond the Symbolism
WWF's Earth Hour 2013: Why You Should be Part of It!

Earth Day

The Historical Roots of Earth Day and its Relevance Today
Infographic - Chronological History of Earth Day in the US
The Business of Earth Day Greenwashing
Video - Earth Day 2013
Video - Earth Day 2013: The Face of Climate Change

The Climate Reality Project

Climate Reality Leaders Program Graduate in Action (Susan Pacheco)
Training With Climate Reality
Climate Leaders Training Program in South Africa
24 Hours of Reality the Cost of Carbon

Nelson Mandela

The Climate Movement's Debt of Gratitude to Nelson Mandela
Video - Mandela's Inspirational Words Call Us to Come Together for Climate Justice
Nelson Mandela: In His Own Words
Video - Hamba Kahle Mandela to Nelson Mandela: With Our Deepest Gratitude
Nelson Mandela: "It Always Seems Impossible Until it is Done"
Video - The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela (PBS Frontline)
Video - Nelson Mandela: Biography

Martin Luther King

Dr. Martin Luther King Civil Rights and Environmental Issues in America
Interview with Former Green Jobs Czar Steven Chu is Leaving his Post as Energy Secretary
A Parting Letter from Energy Secretary Chu

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher was a Supporter of Climate Science and an Advocate of Global Emissions Reductions
Video - The Late Margaret Thatcher's Views on Global Warming

American Attitudes on Climate Change

Except for Republican Members of Congress Climate Deniers are a Rare Breed in America
Infographic - Growing Belief in Global Warming by State (Even Among Republicans!)
Study Shows Americans Would Act on Global Warming if they were Urged to do so by People they Like and Respect


New FTC Green Guidelines for Marketers
Five EV/Hybrid Product Marketing
Office Depot's Back to School Marketing


The Business of Earth Day Greenwashing
Ford Motor Co.: Green or Greenwashing?
Toshiba's Greenwash Fiasco
SourceWatch on Greenwashing: Definitions, Allure and Detection
Video - Greenwash Coverage from TerraChoice: The Seven Sins (CBC Newsworld) 


Young Reporters for the Environment
2013 Brower Youth Awards
Adolescent Pregnancy on World Population Day 2013


Celebrating Female Environmentalists on Women's Day
Video - Women and Climate Change

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