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GMOs Top Political Stories of 2013

Here are the Green Market Oracle's (GMO) top political stories for 2013 organized under the headings of the 20 most important related subjects.

This assemblage of 170 articles is comprised of stories that address the environmental efforts of US President Barack Obama (including his climate action plan and executive orders), US government standards (EPA and DOE),  US legislation and law, the Republican party, the US shutdown (debt ceiling), cities, communities, sustainable development, the UN and the COP process, the Arctic, Canada, Europe (Germany and the UK), China, Russia, as well as indigenous and aboriginal people.

US President Barack Obama

The Obama Administration's Climate Action (Spring - Summer 2013)
Will Obama's Actions Match his Words?
President Obama's Clean Energy Trust Fund
Obama Resurrecting Nixon to Advance Environmental Policy
Green Excerpts of President Obama's 2013 State of the Union Address
Hopes for Environmental Action in President Obama's Second Term
President Obama's Victory Speech: "The Best is Yet to Come"
President Obama's 2013 Inaugural Address: "We Will Respond to the Threat of Climate Change"
Green Inauguration of President Obama: "Faith in America's Future"
Senate Endorses Obama's Pick for Secretary of State
Obama Says the Number of Keystone XL Jobs are "Negligible"
Obama Refutes the Keystone XL's Economic and Jobs Benefits

Obama's Climate Action Plan

Video - President Obama's Historic Georgetown University Speech on June 25th 2013
Reaction to President Obama's Historic Georgetown University Speech
Infographic - President Obama's Climate Action Plan
Full Transcript of President Obama's June 25th Georgetown University Address on his Climate Action Plan
President Obama Climate Action Plan (Full Document)
Video - President Obama's Climate Action Plan
Obama's Speech Signals the End of the Debate on Climate Change and the Dawn of Consorted Action
Obama Reigning in Emissions from Existing Coal Power Plants, Transportation, Homes While Advancing Renewable Energy
President Obama's Climate Change Adaptation Strategy
President Obama Set to Unveil a National Climate Change Mitigation Strategy
Video - White House Announces President will be Unveiling a National Climate Change Strategy

Obama's Executive Orders

Obama Increases Federal Renewable Energy Adding to His Climate Action Plan
President Obama's Green Executive Orders
Executive Order 13514: Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance
Executive Order 13626: Accelerating Investment in Industrial Energy Efficiency
Executive Order 13423: Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management
Obama Signs a Climate Change Resilience Executive Order

US Government Standards (EPA and DOE)

Environmental Protection Agency's New Carbon Limits for Power Plants
Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy's Message to Employees
The US Environmental Protection Agency and Fracking
EPA Chief Forced Out By Dirty Industries and Anti-Environment Republicans
Accomplishments of the Outgoing EPA Head Lisa Jackson
Organizations Leading the EPA's Annual Green Power Partnership (2013)
DOE to Revise Commercial Energy Efficiency Standards

Legislation and Law

Comprehensive Summary of US Green Legislation
New Tool Tracks State Energy Legislation Across the US
Video - Advanced Energy Legislation (AEL) Tracker
New Jersey Supreme Court Ruling Undermines Enforcement of Wetlands Protections
Comprehensive Climate Legislation in the US this Spring?
The Shaheen-Portman Energy Efficiency Bill: Jobs, the Economy and Action on Climate Change
Video - Energy Efficiency Win-Win in the Shaheen Portman Bill
Five Groups Urging Support for Energy Efficiency Bill
Supreme Court to Review the EPA's Right to Limit GHGs

The Republican Party

Except for Republicans in the House of Representatives Climate Deniers are a Dying Breed in America
Republicans Have Painted Themselves into a Corner on Climate Change
Congressional Inaction on Climate and Energy Legislation in 2013
The US House of Representatives Anti-Environment Voting Record in 2013
House GOP's Climate Denial Circus of Lies
Video - House Hearings on Climate Change from Rep. Mark Takano
Video - House Hearings on Climate Change Opening Remarks
Government Shutdown: Environmental Impacts and Republican Extortion
Republican Controlled Subcommittee on Energy to Hold Hearings on Climate Change

US Shutdown and the Debt Ceiling

Discussion - The Other Debt Ceiling: Using Finance to Balance Our Environmental Budget
Government Shutdown: Environmental Impacts and Republican Extortion
The Koch Brothers and the Government Shutdown
Gore on the Government Shutdown and Climate Change: Congress is Pathetic
Republicans Shut Down Government Again Impacting the Economy and the Environment
Government Shutdown Adversely Impacts the Environment, Energy and Climate Research
Government Shutdown Threatens America's Natural Resources


Kitchener/Waterloo's Climate Change Action Plan
Infographic - Timeline for Cities to be Impacted by Climate Change
Video - 10 Sustainable Solutions Changing our Cities
Sustainable Cities: Business Opportunities from Resource Efficiency in Urbanization
Cities Day: High Level Segment of COP19/CMP9
Flooding from Climate Change will Submerge 1700 US Cities by 2100
Guide - Green City Philosophy


Defend Our Climate, Defend Our Communities
NRDC: Top Community Sustainability Initiatives
WWF-Canada's Green CommUnity School Grants Program
Building Gateways to the Green Economy: Green Community
Three Birds Renewable Energy Education
Promised Land: A Review
Video - Defend Our Climate Defend Our Communities

Sustainable Development

Sustainable DevelopmentSustainable Development Goals to Follow Millennium Development Goals
UN's Global Development Goals are Important for the US
Studying Sustainable Development Best Practices
European Commissioner for Climate Action Urges Development Banks to Divest from Fossil Fuels
Video - Sustainable Development: CSD Replaced by HLP

United Nations and the COP Process

Climate Change Speech by European Commissioner Hedegaard
Russia, Ukraine and Belarus Derail 2013 UN Climate Talks in Bonn
IPCC Second Quarter of the Fifth IPCC Report Leaked 
Sustainable Development Goals to Follow Millennium Development Goals
Debunking Efforts to Undermine the Latest IPCC Report
IPCC AR5 WGl Summary: Headline Statements from the Summary for Policymakers
Background of the IPCC's Latest Climate Report
The Science in the 2013 IPCC Report: Unequivocal Evidence of Anthropogenic Climate Change
Non-Profit Groups and Scientists React to the Fifth IPCC Report
The Business Community Responds to the 2013 IPCC Report
UN and US Political Reactions to the 2013 IPCC Report
IPCC Charts: Surface Temperatures, Sea Levels and CO2
Greenpeace Report - Dealing in Doubt: A Chronicle of Climate Denial
11th Session of the UNCCD Conference of Parties to Combat Desertification
Video - NASA uses IPCC Data to Project Temperature and Precipitation Increases
Video - Sustainable Development: CSD Replaced by HLPF
Video - New UN Forum to Advance Sustainable Development

The Arctic

Why the Fate of the Arctic Should be of Concern to Us All
Scientists Link Loss of Arctic Sea Ice to Anomalous Weather
Geothermal Heating Accelerating Greenland's Ice Melt
The Race to Exploit the Arctic's Resources Ignores the Costs
More Evidence that Arctic Warming is an Economic and Ecological Time Bomb
White Paper - Oil Spills in Arctic Waters
More Evidence of Historic Arctic Warming: Lake Sediment and Ice Cores
Its Official Arctic Sea Ice is at its Lowest Level in Recorded History
The Arctic's Dangerous Combination of Environmental Toxicity and Genetic Vulnerability
The Dramatic Implications of Melting Arctic Sea Ice
Melting Arctic Ice is Releasing Massive Amounts of Methane
Video - Methane is the Ticking Time Bomb Beneath the Ice
Video - Massive Costs Associated with Arctic Methane
Video - Unlocking Methane in the Permafrost is a Global Warming Time Bomb
Video - I Love Arctic (Greenpeace)
Video - Warming Arctic, Changing Planet
Video - Arctic Warming: Risks for Methane Emissions
Video - Beautiful Arctic: Look at the Awe Inspiring Beauty We Stand to Lose
Video - Richard Branson on the Need to Protect the Arctic 
Video - The Arctic is Under Threat from Shell and Gazprom
Video - The Global Implications of Rapid Climate Change in the Arctic
Video - O' Canada Stand Up for the Arctic and Oppose Climate Change


Harper Government's Tragic Environmental Record is Cause for National Shame
The Tar Sands Have Higher Emissions Profiles than Previously Thought
Increases in Tar Sands Production Will Guarantee the Worst Impacts of Climate Change
The Tar Sands and IEA's Three Climate Change Scenarios
Conservative Convention Ignores the Environmental Abuses of Harper and His Government
Scientists and Activists Hold US Press Conference on Conservatives' Tar Sands Agenda
Canada's Ruling Conservatives at War with Science
Canadian Conservatives Cut Research Funding but Spend on Fossil Fuel Pipeline
Taxpayers Money to Promote Fossil Fuels Brought to you by Canada's Ruling Federal Conservatives
Canadian Government Uses Security Agencies to Target Environmental Opposition
Canadian Energy Espionage in Support of the Tar Sands
Video - The Tar Sands Give Canada the Worst Climate Record in the Western World
Canadian Implications of Obama's National Climate Strategy
Leading Canadian Economist to Tell Europeans about the Climate Impacts of the Tar Sands
Climate Scientists' Urge Canadian Minister to Back-off Expanded Fossil Fuel Production
Canada to Fight EU Proposal Labeling Tar Sands as Dirty
Canada's Ruling Conservatives Take Another Swipe at Environmental Protections
Canada is Banking on Carbon Capture to Offset Tar Sands
Enbridge withdraws from Canada's Carbon Capture Farce
Canada at Odds with US and China on Climate Change
Canada's Leader of the Official Opposition on the Keystone XL Pipeline
Canada's Hopes for an Environmentally Friendly Federal Leadership Now Rest with Justin Trudeau
Report Urges Canada's Federal Conservatives to Regulate Oil and Gas Sector to Meet GHG Targets
Canadian Conservative Minister Attacks Climate Scientist
Canada Withdraws from UN Efforts to Combat Desertification


Europe is Leading the Fight Against Climate Change
Investment in Fossil Fuel & Renewables in South East Europe
European Commissioner for Climate Action Urges Development Banks to Divest from Fossil Fuels


Deutsche Bank Revises its PV Forecasts for 2013
GermanyRenewables Supply 60 Percent of Germany's Energy 
Merkel's Reelection and German Green Energy Issues
The Growth of Global Solar Energy including Germany
Global Clean Energy Investment including Germany
The Sustainability Yearbook 2013


British PM Says Investment in the Green Economy is a Competitive Necessity
Margaret Thatcher was a Supporter of Climate Science and an Advocate of Global Emissions Reductions
The UK is Depriving Children of a Climate Change Education


ChinaWorking Paper - China’s Overseas Investments in the Wind and Solar Industries: Trends and Drivers
Chinese Smog Crisis is Driving the Transition to a Greener Economy
China's Economic Growth and Low Carbon Leadership
2013 Low Carbon Competitiveness Index: US Falling & China Rising
US China Japan and Others Agree to Fight Climate Change
Environmental Activism is Changing China
Smog Pollution Mutes Chinese New Year Celebrations


Video - Russia Earns New Fossil Award: Disastrous Diplomacy Dishonorable Distinction (4D)
Russia, Ukraine and Belarus Derail 2013 UN Climate Talks in Bonn


Anti-Science Journalism Helped to End Progressive Climate Governance in Australia
New Australian PM Vows to Kill the Nation's Green Dream
Why Greens are Seeing Red in the 2013 Australian Elections
Australia's Devastating Fires are Linked to Climate Change
New Report on Extreme Weather in Australia
Sustainable Australia Report 2013
ArabInfographic - Arab Wealth Building a Sustainable Future

Indigenous / Aboriginal People

The Aboriginal Sustainability Network
Indigenous Ecology in Environmental Education
What Communities Can Learn from Walpole Island First Nation
Video - Indigenous Vs. Western: Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

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