Saturday, January 4, 2014

Video - Corporate Sustainability Report 2013: The Way to Long Term Success

The Global Corporate Sustainability Report 2013 looks at the state of corporate sustainability today -- providing an in-depth review of the actions taken by companies around the world to embed responsible practices into their strategies, operations and culture. Based on responses to the Global Compact Annual Implementation Survey, the report provides a robust view on how businesses everywhere -- and of all sizes -- are adjusting their policies and practices to address today's sustainability agenda. The purpose of this report is to assess corporate action against the steps of the Global Compact Management Model -- and look specifically at the range of elements considered critical to a comprehensive sustainability approach: management practices to embed sustainability throughout the organization and into the supply chain, and actions on the Global Compact principles. Companies' efforts to contribute to global priorities through core business practices, philanthropy, advocacy and partnerships are also reviewed.

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