Monday, February 17, 2014

Devastating UK Flooding Continues

For almost two months now the UK has been inundated with heavy rains and storm surges that have caused widespread flooding. Up to 20mm (0.8in) of rain is forecast in south-west England on Monday February 17th and this will exacerbate flooding as the ground is already saturated. More wet weather and heavy winds are expected at the end of the week.

A total of 16 severe flood warnings have been issued for southern England and more than 300 less serious flood warnings and flood alerts in England and Wales. A severe weather warning for ice has also been issued for northern Scotland. On the upside, the worst-hit areas of the Thames are expected to see some improvement this week.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron described the floods as a "tragedy" and warned people to prepare for more bad weather this week. The PM chaired a meeting of the government's emergency committee (Cobra) on Sunday evening and announced a £10m fund to help small and medium sized businesses recover from the floods.

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